1. General Rules

These Terms of Use are set forth for use of all services (the “Services”) provided by Lightworks Corporation and will apply to all interactions between the users of the Services and Lightworks Corporation.

2. Definitions

The following words and terms have the meanings as defined below when they are used in these Terms of Use.
1) ”We,” “us,” or “our” refer to Lightworks Corporation, which provides the Services.
2) A “User” or “Users” means those who have been registered as individuals using the Services.
3) The “Services” means the learning services provided by us.

3. Registration

3-1 Registration as a User shall be completed upon our approval of the application from those who wish to use the Services. Applicants need to follow the designated application method prescribed by us.

3-2 However, we may refuse user registration in such following cases, and it shall not be obligated to disclose the reasons for refusal.
1) When there are false or inaccurate representations in user application;
2) When those who have violated these Terms of Use before apply for another User ID;
3) When we determine there are inappropriate reasons to accept user application.

4. Handling of Personal Information

We transfer and handle Users’ personal information to Japan in order to enable Users to use the Services. We handle personal information for the following purposes in accordance with our Privacy Policy (https://www.lightworks.co.jp/privacy-policy-eng).

1) To update you on our latest products and services;
2) To respond to your inquiries or requests on our products and services;
3) To conduct customer satisfaction surveys, including your utilization of our products and services and access environment;
4) To provide user accounts for product trials;
5) To provide appropriate information for our products and services;
6) To share with Users the news about our upcoming events, seminars, and sales campaigns;
7) For business communications, such as to inform the implementation of contracts;
8) To respond to inquiries about our recruitment;
9) To implement any other contracts or agreements regarding our products and services;

We do not provide Users’ personal information to any third party except pursuant to the provisions of law.

5. User ID and Password

Users are individually liable for the security of their own User ID and password. Users can not share or provide them to any third party under any circumstances.
When a person logs in with a combination of a User ID and a password that matches to the registration information we store, the person is to be identified as the authorized user.

6. Prohibition

In using the Services, Users are prohibited from engaging in any of the following acts.

1) Violation of laws or public order and morals;
2) Acts related to criminial acts;
3) Acts that infringe copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights included in the Services, such as the contents of the Services;
4) Commercial use of information obtained through the Services;
5) Acts that damage or interfere with our servers or network;
6) Acts that hinder any operation of the Services;
7) Collection or accumulation of personal information, etc. concerning other Users;
8) Misrepresentation of identity (Creating a false profile, etc.);
9) Acts that directly or indirectly benefit anti-social groups;
10) Other acts that we consider inappropriate.

7. Suspension or Interruption of the Services

We may suspend or interrupt part or the whole of the Services without prior notice to Users in the following cases.

1) When we conduct maintenance of or updates the systems related to the Services;
2) When we are unable to provide the Services due to force majeure (e.g. earthquake, thunder, fire, power outage, or natural disasters) ;
3) When our computers or internet connections are suspended due to accidental events;
4) When we consider it to be necessary for cases other than mentioned above.

We shall not be liable for any disadvantages or damages incurred by Users or any third party due to any suspension or interruption of the Services.

8. Restriction and User ID Deletion

We may restrict part or the whole of the Services, or it may delete User ID of concerned individuals without prior notice to Users in the following cases.

1) When Users violate any of these Terms of Use;
2) When it is revealed that Users have registered false information on their User account;
3) When Users have not used the Services for 2 years since the last use;
4) When we consider it to be inappropriate for cases other than mentioned above.

9. Changes of the Services, etc.

Although we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we can not guarantee accuracy, precision, and completeness of such provided information depending on the nature of the website.
We may change the Service contents, suspend of interrupt the Services without prior notice to Users at any time as necessary.
Changes made in the Services are to be indicated on the website.
Please regularly check any updates.
We continuously strive to keep confidentiality of stored information on the website. We also take security measures to protect such stored information from leakage to a third party, or destruction or falsification by a third party.
We shall not be liable for external websites links to our website and their contents, under any circumstances.

10. Modification

We may modify these Terms of Use from time to time without Users’ consent in the following cases.

1) When the modification of these Terms and Use is compatible with the general benefits of Users;
2) When modifications are not contrary to the purpose of these Terms of Use and are reasonable considering the necessity, pertinence of the contents after the modifications, and other circumstances related to the modifications;

Upon modification in these Terms of Use, we shall notify our Users in advance, regarding the modified content, and its effective date.

11. Communication

Any communication between Users and us shall be carried out by a method that we consider appropriate.

12. Prohibition (Transfer of Rights, etc.)

Users shall not transfer or lend as collateral their contractual status, or rights or obligations on these Terms of Use to any third party without prior notice written by us.

13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Any disputes related to the Services, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction.